Our experts manage & analyze genomic data

  • machine learning
  • bioinformatics
  • data infrastructure
  • specialized in data mining

Our Services

Custom Cloud Setup

Custom Cloud Setup

Whether its Azure, AWS, or GCP, we can set up and run your custom cloud environment.


Big Data & Bioinformatics Analytics

We specialize in processing and analyzing all types of omics data. Data mining and visualization services are especially popular.

Pipeline Development

Pipeline Development

Our experts can write you a simple, or more elaborate, script-based pipeline to accomplish your informatics goals.

Software & Database Engineering

Software & Database Engineering

Our biologically-minded developers can customize a full-stack software solution to fit your needs.

How does our process work?

Project Scope Meeting
We meet to scope out your needs and pull in the perfect lead scientist.
Technical Meeting
Lead scientist helps further define your project and deliverables and come up with an estimated timeline.
Tackling the Data
After you've reviewed and approved our proposal, the lead scientist and team tackle your data questions with bioinformatic and comptutational methods.
We provide the reporting and deliverables requested, from figures to custom tool buildouts. We take the time to go through these with you.
What people say
What people say about us
Big Data

We handle it all

Our team has a diverse range of expertise, meaning we can tackle any data type that comes our way:


Data Solutions to the Life Sciences Community

We are a group of biologists, computational scientists, software engineers and bioinformaticians with experience providing data solutions to the Life Sciences community. We know that the fastest path to life-saving discoveries requires efficient and accurate data analysis. As new sequencing technologies develop, new challenges arise in data storage, data infrastructure, and analysis. We have the diverse expertise to help you with these new challenges. Your group may need to quickly learn a new set of skills or simply augment their existing staff. This is where Bridge Informatics fits perfectly! Our data scientists are ready to quickly jump in and be a part of your informatics team. We want to bridge the gap between your data and insight.

two peoply analyzing
Passion is what drives us

Our data scientists are ready to quickly jump in and be a part of your bioinformatics team

Our mission

To be your bench for specialized data science

Bridge Informatics is located in the Greater Boston area!