What is Bioinformatics as a Service?

What is Bioinformatics as a Service?

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By Dan Ryder
August 18, 2021

In the era of NGS and omics data, collaboration between bench biologists and computer scientists is essential to uncover new findings and hidden insight. Outsourcing these bioinformatic tasks has become increasingly critical, leading to the creation of bioinformatics as a service (BaaS).


BaaS involves bioinformaticians, software engineers, and other data scientists working with biologists to create computational tools that solve or analyze a given biological problem. BaaS providers vary in how they execute this task – here at Bridge Informatics, we have different service areas to address every aspect of our clients’ bioinformatic needs.

Bioinformatics as a Service (BaaS)

One of our namesake services is bioinformatic analytics. We utilize the power of bioinformatics to identify genomic factors that lead to disease, including biomarkers of disease and drug response. Biomarkers are excellent tools to conduct patient stratification and improve outcomes at the clinical level and will be key for the development of the precision medicine industry.

Bioinformatics Pipeline

For broader, reproducible data analysis, Bridge Informatics offers analytical pipeline development. Large and complex datasets including NGS data, biological data, patient information, diagnostic data, metadata, and more require a number of tools for analysis. A bioinformatics pipeline combines computational, mathematical, and statistical tools in a predefined sequence of algorithms to process the data.

Software & Database Engineering

In addition to developing custom bioinformatic pipelines, our engineers can create bespoke software applications. What sets Bridge Informatics apart is that our software engineers also have a comprehensive understanding of bench biology, making them the ideal candidate to develop software solutions for life science teams.

Bioinformatics as a Service (BaaS)

BaaS is an essential tool for modern life science companies – book a free discovery call with us at Bridge Informatics to discuss how we can create custom tools for your data analysis needs.

Dan Ryder, CEO & Managing Director, Bridge Informatics

Dan is the founder of Bridge Informatics, a greater Boston-based consulting firm that focuses on bioinformatics and software development. Bridge Informatics builds tools for life science with a concentration on data mining, machine learning, and various bioinformatic techniques to discover biomarkers and companion diagnostics. If you’re interested in reaching out, he can be contacted at [email protected].

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