Bridge Informatics Welcomes Dr. Dean Falb as Second Board Member

Bridge Informatics Welcomes Dr. Dean Falb as Second Board Member

Harvard-trained scientist, millennium veteran, and Synlogic founder joins Bridge Informatics board, boosting client-focused innovation

BOSTON, MA– Bridge Informatics, a data science consultancy bridging the gap between biology and informatics in the life sciences industry, today announced the appointment of Dr. Dean Falb as its second Board of Directors member. Dr. Falb brings over 25 years of experience in building and leading research and development teams, with a deep understanding of client needs and a proven track record of translating scientific insights into successful products and services.

Dr. Falb’s vision extended far beyond his time. In the 1990s, before bioinformatics was even a recognized field, he saw the immense potential of merging molecular biology with informatics. This prescient understanding fueled his work around the human genome, laying the groundwork for the very field that Bridge Informatics now thrives in. His early efforts in this nascent space helped pave the way for the data-driven revolution transforming the life sciences today.

“Dean’s breadth of experience across synthetic biology, molecular biology, and executive leadership in early-stage biotech companies makes him an invaluable addition to our team,” said Dan Ryder, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bridge Informatics. “His diverse perspective and commitment to client-centric design will be instrumental in guiding the development of solutions that truly address the challenges faced by life science organizations.”

Dr. Falb joins Bridge Informatics at a pivotal time as the company scales its operations to meet the growing demand for data-driven insights in the life sciences market. His expertise will be crucial in shaping the company’s product and service offerings, ensuring they align with the specific needs of clients and facilitate seamless integration into existing workflows.

“I am excited to join Bridge Informatics and contribute to its mission of empowering life science organizations through data-driven decision-making,” said Dr. Falb. “The company’s unique approach to bridging the gap between biology and data science deeply resonates with me, and I believe my experiences in research, development, and business leadership will be instrumental in advancing its success.”

Dr. Falb serves as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at Frontera Therapeutics and has been CSO previously at both PlateletBio and LogicBio. He also held leadership research roles at Praecis Pharmaceuticals and Stryker’s Regenerative Medicine Division where he was responsible for leading its programs in osteoarthritis and tissue fibrosis. He was an Entrepreneur In Residence at Atlas Ventures, where he founded Synlogic Therapeutics and served as its Chief Technology Officer. Dean began his career as a scientist at Millennium Pharmaceuticals (TAK) at the company’s inception, and founded and led its program in the genomics and genetics of cardiovascular diseases and the company’s partnership with Eli Lilly. Dean received his B.S. in chemistry from Purdue University, and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Harvard University.

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About Bridge Informatics

Bridge Informatics is a data science consultancy dedicated to translating data into biological results for life science companies. With expertise in machine learning, bioinformatics, data infrastructure, data mining, and software and database engineering, Bridge Informatics bridges the gap between biology and data science. The company’s unique approach provides clients with a team of talented data scientists who possess a strong background in biology and a passion for education and coaching, ensuring efficient and transparent communication. Founded on the principles of collaboration and understanding, Bridge Informatics empowers life science organizations to leverage their data for informed decision-making.

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